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Hi, I'm Kara Keels, Functional Nutritionist with a love for the outdoors.

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and have a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication.

 I love the outdoors, hiking, backpack camping, fishing, riding my mountain bike, and cooking great food. 


I have been interested in fitness and nutrition for my whole life. Mostly fitness until I was in my late 30s when I began having hot flashes. I knew I didn’t want to manage it with medication. So I started reading everything about food, and I mean really investigating which foods could trigger hot flashes and any other issues I was experiencing with perimenopause. In my research, I found that the cleaner I ate, the better I felt. So to make a long story short, I was able to mitigate hot flashes by changing my diet. 

I realized nutrition and wellness was my true passion! 


I believe in a holistic approach to wellness, using food as medicine. I believe that prevention is the best approach to combat illness. By adjusting our diet and lifestyle, we can better prevent many adverse health outcomes. 


I enjoy working one-on-one with clients to help them on their wellness journey, whether it be weight loss, fatigue, low energy, or just overall wellness. 


If you have ever wondered why a particular diet (not meaning restricting food necessarily) works for one person and not another, I can help you understand that. All client work is designed for each specific client, bio-individuality is essential, and together we can create a fantastic program for you.


I primarily work with people who struggle with digestive issues, low energy, fatigue, and weight issues so they can increase their energy and feel great. It’s amazing how much eating real food can change how you feel!  

My Philosophy

Nutrition is an ever-evolving field with new studies and recommendations constantly coming out. Unfortunately, many of these end up being contradictory leaving the subject of nutrition to be daunting and many times confusing. Although the science behind nutrition is always changing, some nutrition basics have stayed the same. I am here to help you get back to these basics and better equip you to sort through the latest research and advice.

My nutrition beliefs revolve around the thought that food and eating should be an enjoyable experience, not something to be feared. The goal is to shed light on the many myths that are continuously being reported around nutrition and to help my clients sift through the nonsense and start eating to support proper health for life. My focus is the restoration of excellent metabolic function by helping you break free from restrictive diets, achieve balanced digestive and hormonal health, vibrant energy, and natural weight management, achieving a life of health without the stress, worry, and guilt of what to eat.

It’s time to start honoring your body. Trust yourself, trust the process and believe that you can succeed. Stop believing the lies and start respecting what your body has and can do for you. Will you join me in this journey?

Kind Words from Clients

After turning 40, I began to struggle with my weight. I tried everything and nothing helped. A year ago, many of my friends were having success with the Keto diet so I gave it a try. I was the only person not seeing results. People told me I was doing it wrong. Kara helped me understand that everyone is different, we all have our own bio-individuality. She worked with me until we found my plan, a plan that worked for me. I haven’t felt this great in years.

Kimberly D.

Lora S.

Kara helped me with my stomach issues, I had terrible bloating after eating. Thorugh an elimination protocol, we were able to identify what was causing it. I'm happy I made an investment in my health.

John S

Kara has turned my energy level around, I was tired all the time. After consulting with her I learned that I was not eating the right combination of foods during the day. She created a customized plan for me and within two weeks my low energy disappeared.

Rob B

I’ve been a Motorsports inspired athlete most of my life. Kara helped me find a satisfying diet that complimented my training program in ways I never thought possible. Thank you Kara!!