Nutrition Information

Salmon for the win!

I used to fish at least three days a week.  I loved everything about fishing and being on a boat, even when it rained.  I was lucky enough to have a fishing boat that had covering.  It came in useful when I was out on a slow day and wanted to play cribbage between bites. We fished on the …

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The Importance of Electrolytes During Summer

There is no shortage of neon-colored electrolyte sports drinks on the supermarket shelves today touting themselves as the ultimate “thirst-quenchers”.  With fancy marketing and strategic brand partnerships with professional athletes, the average person is convinced that these sugary and artificially colored beverages are their only choice for ensuring proper hydration after a strenuous workout or sweat …

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The powerful benefits of berries

Greetings, I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful summer weather. Speaking of summer weather, it’s also berry season.  Berries are a delicious nutrient-dense treat.  You can add them to smoothies, salads, or they can stand alone, they are just that good! Let’s talk about some benefits of berries. They have amazing antioxidant properties Berries contain plant chemicals called …

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Summer Reset

I’m doing a Detox Cleanse

Today I started a 30 detox, plant-based cleanse.  I believe that a proper detox/cleanse is appropriate to do at least once a year.  The particular cleanse I’ve chosen will be working on gut health, detoxing heavy metals, glyphosates, and parasites, all while improving my immune system.   You may remember that the gut is really what controls your …

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Cooking with Flexibility

Cooking Tips for Quarantine and Beyond While the novel pandemic has shaken up our lives, perhaps there is a silver lining. On a grander scale, our environment received a well-deserved break from the overwhelming amount of pollution. On a smaller scale, we’re cooking more from home. This is not to ignore the amount of stress …

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