Floating for Mental and Physical Health

A few weeks ago, after a very hectic week and working a weekend at Rob’s MotoFit Group event, I woke up exhausted.  Everything hurt, my neck and shoulders (where I hold my stress) as well as my legs and feet from being on them for two days straight.  I hadn’t been sleeping well either, which in my opinion, can exacerbate the pain.

I realized right away that I hadn’t been focusing enough on my mental health, an essential part of a person’s wellbeing.

That particular Monday, I was sitting in meetings all day.  I had a heating pad on my back and my “neck wrap” around my neck and shoulders.  I wanted to cry because the pain was so severe.

I remembered that I had purchased a float package in 2018 at a nearby business called Urban Float.  I hadn’t been going for various reasons, but mostly because I am a complete ROCK STAR when it comes to ignoring my needs.  

I called and made an appointment for that evening.  I kid you not, that float changed my entire week in every positive way imaginable.  My pain level decreased; I slept better and restarted my deep breathing and my desire to meditate again.  

Deep breathing and meditation have improved my life in the past, but hey, life can often get in the way.  Since that day, I have been floating twice a week, and I am more relaxed and sleeping better.

The down and dirty about floating

You float in a pod (photo in this newsletter) filled with 200 gallons of water and 1200lbs of Epsom salt.  

You float for 60 glorious minutes in a private room.

You can choose to listen to music or not.  You can choose to have all the lights on or have them off.  You are in control of your environment.  I like to have it quiet because I often fixate on any noise around me.

Floating is weightless; with 1200 pounds of Epsom salt, it allows your body to float without effort naturally.  The water is so buoyant you can fall asleep.  You will not drown!

Floating is a natural and clean way to renew and refresh your mind and body.  Your mind is free and without distraction, allowing your body to rest, destress, and heal.

The water temperature is your skin temperature 93.5-95F, this helps you lose track of where your body ends, and the water and air begin for perfect relaxation.

Studies have shown that floating has incredible physical, mental, and emotional benefits, including stress and pain reduction.  I can attest to this!

It can also enhance creativity.  However, in my case, I’m there to calm and relax.

Floating allows me to focus on my breath and my thoughts.  I was able to breathe and meditate without interruption.  I tend to hold my breath a lot, and when I float, I can focus on breathing.

The bottom line is that I needed to reset my wellness routine, and between floating, breathing, and meditation, I think I’m on the right track.

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